Concept & Creative Direction
(Co-Founder, Trapeze / Founder, Wari Watai)

Industrial Design Detailing


Programming for Interaction


ColourNext 2014

ColourNext is the annual colour forecast for Indian interiors. Targeting architects and interior designers through an exhibition, digital and print media, this excercise has been instrumental in positioning Asian Paints not just as a manufacturer of paints but a market leader and proactive visionary.


Today people are far more adventurous then before when it comes to food. One is exploring not just the different flavors, but also cultures, traditions, experimentation and presentation. Cooking has become an art by itself and chefs are admired and celebrated. It has become a medium for people to share, talk, exchange ideas, learn and experimen

The central portion has a magical column of spices and herbs falling from the air. They are in shapes of spices and herbs but are abstracted and white and translucent. This is so that when they are lit, they reflect light and and will seem to glow. They can be seen from a distance as a beautiful and attractive vertical glowing column.

The above spice column of many special flavorful cooking ingredients is made to look like falling into the central 3D food collage – a salad bowl, a baking pan, frying pan, a sauce pan etc. Out of these many utensils emerges many colorful delicious looking dishes. The whole installation is scaled up so that it is a larger than life experience.

Clusters of large posters add flavorful imageries and interesting information on food. Each conveyed with a hint of humor, colour and rich graphic visuals of ingredient.  Each panel represents a memory of a rich flavor, providing a colorful and appetizing backdrop to the main central 3D collage.


The story of Magnolia is narrated through a garden that
is beautiful, with tall upright totems visible from all sides.
It reflects the free spirited, open minded confident women.
Of outward grace and inner beauty. Of radiating charm
and of inner confidence. Fearless to pursue her dream
with grace and to accept destiny with a smile, her spirit

Tall, strong, free standing, multifaceted monolith structure of steel and soft floral textured surfaces at once
exudestrength, beauty, confidence emerging out of the garden floor of colorful bed of braided yarns. The colorful and the dramatic braided floor provides  backdrop
of an unmistakable bold feminine aura. Feminin but supremely self assured.

Co- Explore

As more and more people collaborate on common interests bringing together diverse talents, and achieving far more than what they would have individually. This installation captures that spirit and fun of coming together. The joy of participating and sharing.

Interactivity and participation is built into the concept of this installation. This creates the idea of people coming together and collectively this idea gets bigger, brighter and more meaningful.

Tandem bicycles enhance the idea of cooperation between people. The audience can ride these bicycles. When they ride, the energy is converted to electrical energy and immediately the cloud becomes brighter. Depending on the number of participants, the glow will be dim or bright. More participants means more brightness.


Lookbook 2014 

The  Lookbook-workbook is a concise and handy reference, complete with theme stories, visualisations, moodboards and swatches designed to inspire designers across disciplines and contextualise colour, material, finishes and textures for the year to come.

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© Wari Watai