by Wari Watai

The idea of the narrative project is to explore a participatory format of creating a multi-dimensional narrative experience using varied mediums of expression by diverse creative individuals within a defined context.

Each participant will articulate a discrete facet of the much larger story with his or her chosen medium to create a potentially layered narrative coming together through diverse viewpoints and ingenious articulation by the participants. Parallelly, Wari Watai team would explore a spatial interpretation the story.

At the end of the workshop, Wari Watai will collate all the discrete interpretations, words, images, sound bites and other forms of narrative into an installation and a book to be displayed at the Studio and perhaps a website to further elaborate the concept.

Registration  dates to be Announced

Direction for the Participants
Wari Watai will outline the format along with a contextual contour of the story creating many appropriate and fertile situations within the story to be interpreted and expanded. The participants will bring alive moments in the narrative through first person accounts of one of the characters (can explore multiple characters also but only one character at a time) using their chosen medium.

Each individual will work with a key moment or a segment at a time and not a series of interconnected events. You are not to illustrate the characters themselves but what the character sees or feels, either with words (prose, poetry), sound (effects, voices, laughter or composed music), visuals ( art/graphic design/photographs), video clips or objects. The idea is to have a multidimensional flavour as oppose to a single artist's/illustrator's view point. It can also be a series of abstracted imagery or objects.

The story titled, ‘The Story of Maalem’ will be revealed on the first day of the workshop.

Some recurring thoughts in the story...
Will the father ever play a musical instrument again? Will the mother rediscover her voice? How does Maalem make sense of her parents stories. What she dreams of ? WillMaalem make her parents rediscover themselves?


To be Announced

Number of Participants

20 People

Who can Participate

Visual Artists
(Art/illustration/digital or generative art/
fibre & textile/ photograph/ video/ animation)

Sound Artists


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