My Embroidered Life

'My Embroidered Life' was an exhibit that traced the evolution of Kantha and its place in the homes and hearts of the communities that create it. It looked at both the craft, its motifs and process and the larger backdrop of community life in Murshidabad.

A (priceless) collection was on display — pieces made by the women of Murshidabad; for themselves and their family to celebrate important events in their journey of life. Most of the Kanthas displayed were between 20-50 years old, and one was almost 100 years old! The collection was a sharing of embroidered stories of the women's lives. They were a labour of love; to be passed on as gifts to their loved ones and to mark special events, making it even more special with their investment of time and skill.

This exhibition was the result of a collaborative effort between Katna’s Kantha, Lab Nilaya and Wari Watai.

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