Garden Museum

In 2015, we worked with Asian Paints to not only launch the Spring-Summer collection for Nilaya but, subtly separate the Royale Play brand, while still reiterating their complementary character.

The concept was a garden of two complementary halves: one, green and feminine for Nilaya, and the other, rugged and masculine for Royale Play. The space was transformed into an abandoned, serendipitous garden. The garden on the Nilaya side was lush, with glimpses of beautiful surfaces through vines climbing a rusting mesh, glass terrariums and hanging planters.

The Royale Play half of the garden, echoed the idea of the secret abandoned garden, with a perforated perimeter wall, evocative of foliage, using the brand’s IRONIC finish to dramatic effect. A giant, routed tree and sculpted objects brought the idea of the garden inside, with the Royale Play signature accent wall as a backdrop. Visitors could meet across concrete-finished tables, or at the amphitheatre steps that combined Royale Play finishes with Nilaya wall coverings, giving each its own space.

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© Wari Watai