CRDF Identity

CEPT Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) is CEPT University’s interdisciplinary think tank focused on solving critical issues concerning human habitats through design, planning and management interventions. CRDF was formally established in 2013 as a not-for-profit company wholly owned by CEPT University. The Foundation functions as a robust semi-independent entity with its own board and a number of subject-specific thematic centers.

In 2020, we designed the identity for CRDF and its 8 centers of specialization as part of the branding exercise to represent CRDF to all the internal and external stakeholders, and reaffirm their origin, organizational structure and objectives.

The Logo

The logo is designed to be an easily recognizable element of the brand identity. Clear, confident and distinctive, the logo reflects the way CRDF approaches and communicates  their research — with clarity, confidence and the understanding that one size doesn’t always fit all.

The CRDF logo is purely typographic and comprises a two-part word-mark: the abbreviation of the brand name that will primarily be used to refer to the organization, followed by its expansion. The word mark is a custom-drawn typeface that is unique in its letterform. This reflects CRDF’s ability to use the same building blocks in diverse ways to design customized habitat interventions.

With its open truncated terminals, the unique typeface echoes  the CEPT University logo, reaffirming its relationship with the parent organization without compromising its individuality.

CRDF & its Centers Identities

CRDF comprises a number of thematic centers each with its own area of expertise and portfolio of projects. Given the interdependence of CRDF, its Centers and CEPT, the logos for these centers are designed as a system of clear hierarchy that governs its visual relationship with CRDF and CEPT placing the correct emphasis in a consistent hierarchical order based on which of the three entities is presenting itself, especially when all them are presented as a combined unit.


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